Application Notes

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Application Notes describes the culture of specific lines, production of virus and specific technical solutions. 

100 Oxygen Limitations in Small Spinner Vessels. Increasing spinner size from 50 to 250 ml reduces cell concentrations 50%.
101 Large Scale Harvesting of Cells. More than 90% of the cells are recovered by a modified procedure.
102 Growth of r-CHO in 1, 4 and 10 litre Fermentors. Production was scaled-up and maintained for more than 2 months.
103 Critical Parameters for the Cultivation of r-CHO Cells. Expression of recombinant protein is strongly influenced by dissolved oxygen concentration.
104 Growth of r-CHO Cells in Serum-free Medium. CultiSpher’s porous structure makes long-term serum-free culture possible.
105 Vesicular Stomatitis Virus(VSV) Production by Vero Cells. Compared to solid microcarriers almost 10 times higher yields of virus were obtained.
106 Growth of BHK 21 Cells in Medium with Reduced Serum. Growth of BHK 21 cells was maintained at reduced serum levels.
107 Influence of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration on Cell Growth. Dissolved oxygen is the most critical parameter in spinner cultures.
108 Optimisation of Microcarrier Concentration. Almost 10 x 109 CHO cells can be grown on 1 g of CultiSpher-G.
109 Effect of Inoculum Size on Growth Span. Microcarrier cultures with CultiSpher can be scaled-up in steps of 400 times.
110 Effect of Microcarrier Concentration on Cell Yield. Optimum microcarrier concentration must be determined for each system.
111 Serial Cultivation of CHO-K1 Cells. Cells harvested from CultiSpher is ideal for scale-up purposes.
112 Growth of MDCK Cells. MDCK cells can be cultured to high densities and harvested with quantitative yields.
113 Growth of Recombinant and Non-recombinant CHO-cells. After a prolonged growth phase almost identical cell yields were obtained.
114 Growth of BHK-21 Cells. BHK cells attached and grew efficiently on CultiSpher-G.
115 Growth of Vero and GMK Cells. High yields of both these cell lines were obtained. A modified procedure for cell counting must be used.
116 Growth of HeLa Cells. Large numbers of HeLa cells were produced and collected continuously.