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General CultiSpher is a unique protein-based macroporous microcarrier. It is manufactured from pharmaceutical grade porcine gelatin via a process which yields a highly cross-linked gelatin matrix with high mechanical and thermal stability. When used in cell cultures, cells can attach to both the external and the internal surfaces of the matrix. The increased surface area of the matrix together with the protection from stress afforded to the cells in the interior of the matrix results in enhanced cell production capabilities. An additional advantage of the product is that the matrix can be dissolved with proteolytic enzymes resulting in in the harvesting of cells with almost 100% viability.

Tissue Engineering

CultiSpher may also be utilized as an excipient component in preparations of cellular products intended for implantation. Use of the microcarrier in these cellular therapeutic products has been shown to enhance the survival of the implanted cells.


CultiSpher microcarriers is sold in more than 30 different countries. Contact us for the most convenient supply.

Conditions of Sale

CultiSpher microcarriers are delivered exworks (Incoterms 1990). View complete sale conditions


The original macroporous microcarrier suitable for the majority of cell lines.


Due to a different crosslinking procedure this microcarrier has a higher thermal and mechanical stability. Cell attachment is also faster. The first microcarrier to try when testing a new cell line.


We have more than 20 years experience in the design and production of microcarriers. Contact us for a discussion on the development of a tailor-made microcarrier for your application.

Technical specifications



Particle diameter (Ám*) 130-380 130-380
Volume (ml/g dry*) 12-18 10-16
Density (g/ml*) 1.04 1.04
Approx. no. of microcarriers ( /g dry) 1,000,000 800,000
Average pore diameter (Ám*) 20 20
* in PBS